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Companies from all over the world use PyroLEDA® in the most famous

pyrotechnic events. 

From Europe to Japan, from Australia to America, the PyroLEDA® portfolio is enriched, becoming more and more unique and appreciated by all. 


We thank our Customers who support and trust the PyroLEDA® system.

Cannes 2017
Cannes 2017
Marseille 2018
Pisa 2016
Cannes 2017
Marseille 2017
Burgio 2017
Hannover 2015
Benevento 2013
Courchevel 2017
Cannes 2018
Montreal 2015

Some shows made with PyroLEDA® and their setup

Marseille 2017
Hannover 2018
Marseille 2014
Hannover 2010
Pisa 2012
Adelfia 2015
Montreal 2017
Marseille 2019
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