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Monetti srl

Monetti Srl has been operating in the field of safety and pyrotechnics since 1980.

The company consists of a technical-commercial structure for the creation of products and services.
For the production, Monetti Srl counts on reliable Italian and foreign partners with whom it has established long-term relationships.

It has large rooms and authorized warehouses for the storage of Class 1 products.

The company currently exports to over 70 European and non-European countries and constantly pursues a policy of investment in new technologies, product quality and procedures.

Le nostre certificazioni di qualità

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UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


The PyroLEDA firing system® was born in 1997 and over time it has imposed itself on all existing systems: a modular system that can be used for all  the occasions, from small fireworks displays to the biggest events.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the hardware and software that compose it, PyroLEDA® optimizes communication the data exchange vectors and allows interaction with external devices for multimedia control.


Why choose PyroLEDA®

The four fundamentals of PyroLEDA® guarantee the very high performance of a system with infinite possibilities of use.

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