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AT3 Antenna module

AT3 is an external interchangeable antenna module for communicating the PyroLEDA® system via radio:

  • It connects to F3 or RT3 via a 3m XLR4 cable with which it is powered and exchanges data. The advantage of an external and separate module is the possibility to position the antenna within a radius of 3 meters without constraints;

  • AT3 can be placed on the ground, on a horizontal surface or vertically, attached to a pole in case of greater distances;

  • It can be positioned wherever it is useful to facilitate the transmission and reception of data, without necessarily having to move the firing modules or controllers;

  • Interchangeable and available in multiple frequencies to allow PyroLEDA® to be used in all contexts. 

PyroLEDA® offers the possibility to choose the right frequency for each situation by simply changing the AT3 antenna module and keeping unchanged the rest of the system.

Any authorized frequency and any protocol in broadcast or with hops will do. The protocols for the 433 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz frequencies (various powers) are currently implemented.

AT3 is a powerful tool that can be trusted to operate the entire system with excellent results in terms of performance and distances covered. Ask for more information.

TP3 Tester Programmer

TP3 is a portable PDA for field use that allows you to test and program SQ3 without a PC. It connects to the XLR-OUT connector of the SQ3 via a cable (Jack/XLR3) supplied. The TP3 Tester Programmer is undoubtedly the practical and immediate tool for fully discovering all the potential of SQ3. Through TP3 it is possible to program, test the lines, modify the parameters, read resistances of the firing lines and access many other useful functions.

  • Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 3cm

  • Weight: 250 g

Light, portable, it is an absolutely user-friendly object. TP3 is powered by 4x rechargeable AAA batteries for an autonomy of 12 hours of use.

The use of the TP3 takes place in total intrinsic safety with physical current limitations towards the output lines of the SQ3 firing module when connected. TP3 is used when SQ3 is not energized.

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