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F3 Remote Controller

Supplied in its robust NANUK® 920 case with a total weight of only 4 kg, this powerful instrument manages up to 256 RT3 field controllers and 4096 SQ3 firing modules. 

The control can take place either via radio (with the AT3 antenna module) or via cable or with both at the same time. 

Communication is always bi-directional.

F3 is supplied with 2 firmware, already installed on the machine, which can be used as needed:

  • Version 1.0: direct control up to 64x SQ3 (2048 cues);

  • SuperMaster version: control up to 256x RT3 and 4096x SQ3 (131,072 cues).

The SuperMaster version is an optimized version for managing medium/large shows.

The main characteristics are the speed and the parallel structure of the communication. These features allow you to perform very fast tests and automatic or manual performances without time limits.

SQ3 Firing module (32 lines)

Water-resistant firing module with electronics contained in a sturdy and scratch-resistant painted aluminum profile (you can stand on it!) weighing only 2.5 kg (30x17x8cm).

SQ3 is not just a simple firing module and is in the forefront of all existing firing modules in terms of functions, flexibility of use, reliability and engineering.

The main feature of the SQ3 is its autonomy, in 3 fundamental aspects: autonomy of synchronization with TimeCode, energy autonomy and memory autonomy.

This makes the SQ3s always usable even independently from the other system control devices (RT3 and F3).

SQ3 can be used in multiple ways, that can always be activated via cable or via radio:

  • As an independent module to execute programmed sequences (STEPPER, ACC, COS, TRG, PRG) that can be activated by a normal electrical impulse min. 9V (A-TRG or X-TRG mode);

  • As an independent module to perfectly synchronize small programs with music and then manage everything via any audio source (SYNC mode);

  • As a manual firing module managed via RT3 (MANUAL mode);

  • As a digital firing module via F3 (O-DIG mode);

  • As a module for direct management of solenoid valves or relays (POWER mode);

  • As an emergency solution (BACKUP mode).

RT3 Field controller

Compact, in its NANUK® watertight case with a total weight of only 3 kg, RT3 is a field controller to manage SQ3 firing modules.

It works both independently and integrated into the system together with F3 (both Ver 1.0 and Ver. SuperMaster). Each RT3 controls up to 16x SQ3 via bipolar cable (max 500m - Ø min. 0.5mm).

It can be used as a direct manual control system of the SQ3s or as an intermediary field controller between F3 and SQ3.

Particularly efficient in remote function as a data transmission node for medium/large set-ups.

RT3 can communicate with other RT3s (Master/Slave function) and with the F3 via cable or via radio using the AT3 antenna module which is connected via a 3 meter XLR-4 pole cable.

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